Camping in the Sahara Desert

Camping in the Sahara Desert

Spending the night in a desert camp is undoubtedly an experience not to miss!

If you travel to Morocco for multiple days, we strongly recommend you make a night in a nomadic camp. We offer you the choice of staying in two camp categories – traditional-standard camp or ultra-Luxury camp.

Staying in a desert camp will change the way you imagine camping, it is not simply a tent you sleep at, but it’s a whole experience of lifestyle through which Berber nomads and Bedouins treat as their home. It gives you a sense of experiencing local customs embodied through music, food and decoration.

In the luxury desert camps, the guests are met with stylish and modern tents, which give more comfort and extra services, including comfy beds (large queen bed together with separate single bed in most tents) in-door bathrooms and toilets, electricity sockets, towels…

The Luxury desert camp’s restaurant serves Moroccan cuisine with varied flavors. Vegan and Vegetarian guests are also served with special meals at their prior requests.