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About us

Welcome to Marruecos Africa Tours, where the magic of Morocco comes to life through the eyes and experience of our passionate tour guides. Our mission is to go beyond conventional tourist routes and immerse you in the authenticity and beauty of Morocco. Behind every memorable experience, there are stories that bring to life our team, made up of dedicated individuals who love to share the cultural richness and hidden treasures of this fascinating country.

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Discovering Morocco with Heart


With a smile that brightens any day, Hamid is more than a tour guide; he is a passionate ambassador for his homeland. His love for Moroccan culture and his dedication to providing unique experiences make each tour unforgettable. Hamid carries Moroccan hospitality with him every step of the way, sharing his deep knowledge of the history, traditions and secret corners of Morocco.


Navigating the Routes of the Moroccan Soul


At the heart of every journey, Moha guides you with knowledge and authenticity. With a deep connection to the land and the people of it, Moha takes you on a journey through the stunning landscapes and exquisite flavors of Morocco. His dedication to his work goes beyond showing places; she seeks to enrich your experience with stories that will connect you with the very essence of Morocco.



Toyota Land Cruiser

Guaranteed adventure


Discover Morocco in style and safety aboard our Toyota Land Cruiser, the perfect companion for our tours. With its robust design and four-wheel drive, this vehicle offers comfort and versatility, guaranteeing smooth and relaxing trips as you explore the most remote corners of the country. Equipped with the latest safety technologies, the Land Cruiser provides peace of mind on every route. From its imposing presence to its meticulously designed interior, it reflects the elegance and style that characterize our company, inviting you to immerse yourself in the adventure and beauty of Morocco.